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Northwestern Utility Billing Service is a third party billing service which bills the residents of apartment and condominium communities on behalf of the owner or condominium association for the cost of master, metered utilities and trash.

Upon signing the rental agreement, you signed an addendum to that document which specifies how the bill is calculated and details your obligations to pay for these utility costs as part of your tenancy. Please read that addendum thoroughly as it will provide answers to most of your questions

In order to assist you in understanding our service the following are several frequently asked questions.

How are my bills calculated?
Your bill calculations will vary depending on the property where you live. Please reference the legend of fees and charges for details on how the rates are calculated based upon the description of charges you see on your bill.

Do I need to call NUBS to start or terminate my bill upon moving in or vacating my apartment?
No. The resident manager or authorized agent for the owner will notify our customer service department when you move in so that we may start billing you. When you vacate the apartment the manager will request a final billing on your account which will be deducted from your security deposit after you move out. If we receive a payment from you after a final bill has been processed we will return your payment to the return address from which it is received.

When will I be billed?

Bills are generated once a month, usually between the 1st and the 7th day of every month. You should receive your first bill between 30‑45 days after you move in. If you have not received your bill within 45 days of moving in, please notify us immediately. In general, expect your bill to arrive within the first week of the month. If it does not arrive, you may access your account by logging in on our home page or call customer service at 707-526-1425 to inquire about the amount you owe.

Is there a monthly billing service charge?
Yes. There is a nominal processing fee to cover the cost of our invoicing service. This amount is shown on your bill as the monthly billing fee.

When am I charged a late payment fee?
If we receive your payment postmarked later than the due date on the bill or of there is a balance on your account after posting the payment, you will be charged a late payment fee which will be reflected on your next bill. Bills are due upon receipt however payments are late if postmarked later than 15 days after the date the bill is issued.

How can I pay my bill?
Payments can be received in the form of a check or money order and mailed to Northwestern Utility Billing service at P.O. Box 7760 Santa Rosa, CA 95407. You can also pay using our online bill payment service by logging into your account and selecting the 'Pay Your Bill Online' option.

If I am out of town, will I still be billed?

Yes. In a sub‑metered community you are billed for the actual water and sewer usage in your apartment therefore, if you are away from your home, theoretically your water bill should be lower. Your allocated trash portion will remain the same regardless of whether you are home or not, much like your rent.  In a ratio billed community (RUBS) you would still be responsible for the charges incurred by the property,  again like you would still be responsible for rent.  However, the less usage on the property, whether it is due to absence or conservation, will certainly affect your monthly charges.

How much profit does the owner make on these utilities?
None! It is against the law in all states within the United States, for an individual or entity to create a profit by marking up the cost of and reselling of any utility unless the individual or entity is a licensed public utility agency. For properties equipped with individual sub‑meters you are billed at the same rate for the cost of water and sewer as is charged on the master meter. These rates are set by the local water agency. For properties billed on the Ratio Utility Billing System (RUBS) the actual cost of utilities is allocated among all of the units, after the cost and any common area usage, such as irrigation water, pool and laundry room usage has been deducted from the bill.

Why is my baby being included in the number of residents if he or she doesn't use water?
Infants and newborns generate an increase in water and trash usage. Additionally, as residents of the household, it would be contrary to anti‑discrimination laws to exclude them from being counted as a resident

Do you have a low‑income, senior or a medical disability discount?
Utility discounts are only provided by licensed, public utility companies. Our billing service is a reimbursement‑based operation and not a public municipality. As such, discounts are not offered.

What do I do if the number of occupants on my bill is incorrect or changes?
Changes in the number of occupants on your bill require approval from your resident manager. If you have changes in the number of people in your unit and/or are being billed for an incorrect number of occupants, contact you resident manager so they can make the change themselves or contact us to do so. Credits for being over billed can only be issued with authorization of your manager or management company.

Why does the bill date change?
Bills are sent out the first week of every month. Depending on how the weekend falls and if there are holidays during that time, the date the bill is generated may differ by a day or two each month.