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There are numerous benefits for both property owners and residents when a utility billing program is implemented. Conservation is important to everyone, not only to enhance our current lives but to also preserve and secure a quality life for future generations. When residents become accountable for their consumption of utilities, they are more likely to limit their usage of water and become more encouraged to recycle. They are also more likely to report leaks that will potentially waste water and or cause damage that could be harmful to the property; something they would be less apt to do as long as the property owner is paying the bill.

Benefits of Utility Billing

•  When residents are financially responsible for the cost of utilities they become
   more conscientious and conserve more.

•  Protects your rents from utility cost increases.

•  Increases property value.

•  The cost of Sub-metering will be recovered faster than most capital
    expenditures and revenue continues long after the cost has been recaptured.

Billing for utilities allows the property owner to cover the escalating costs of water, sewer and trash without the hassle of raising rents. Effectively, the property owner is able to recover the majority of the properties utility expenses while simultaneously giving the residents a measure of control regarding their personal utility usage and costs.

Collection of utility payments increases the Net Operating Income of the property thus increasing it’s overall value. Additionally, it frees up cash that would be spent on typically on utilities for property enhancements and capital improvements.

The initial cost of setting up a Sub-metered system on a property is quickly recovered once billing begins and residents begin paying for their utility usage. Once the initial cost of Sub-metering has been recovered, there is minimal costs associated with maintaining the system.

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